Our Services

Our objective is to understand your advertising goals and provide the best media solutions. We use our extensive market knowledge to deliver cost effective media and maximise your audience reach to ensure you achieve your campaign goals.

Total Retail Advertising has been operating since 1996 and is an independent media agency carrying full MCRL accreditation.

Media Strategy

Our media specialists will work with you in ascertaining a brief that understands your business objectives and needs.

We work with the best media research tools in the business to develop an effective strategy that reflects how your target audience thinks, feels and consumes media. The channels and accompanying media strategy are developed from here and recommendations and goals are determined.

Media Planning

Our implementation plans are developed from our strategy and consumer insights. We create an optimum media plan using one or a combination of appropriate media to deliver the best reach for your target market. We determine the frequency needed to meet the campaign objectives and analyse the cost effectiveness of our media selections. There are numerous media options available today and digital and on-line have further fragmented the media landscape. Our media specialists are on top of the expanding media options and their expertise enables them to select the right channels of communication for your advertising objectives.

Media Buying

Our relationships with our media partners allow us to drive a hard bargain and deliver the best value to our clients. As an independent media buying agency we are not compromised to deliver share based on Group negotiations agreed at the beginning of the year. We are able to take advantage of market conditions and Network needs and our clients benefit from this.


We don’t set and forget your campaign. We monitor audience levels and programming changes up to the campaign date and during the campaign.

Post Analysis

We post analyse the campaign to ensure that all your spots or ads ran in the publication or within the parameters booked. For Television this can be by way of station post analysis reports or independent post analysis. We negotiate suitable compensation for under-delivery.

Competitive Media Analysis

Want to see what your competitors are doing, where they are spending their money, how much they are spending, what media they are using?  This report provides an insight into your competitors’ media expenditure and their spending strategies.

Direct Response

If you have a product with a strong offering that represents true value and the ability to convert the interest over the phone to sales there has never been a more exciting time to buy TV. With the advent of digital channels, many more affordable opportunities exist for the direct response advertiser.

In House Creative & Production

Our creative team makes it easy to co-ordinate creative and media.

Digital, Social Media and PR

Our digital team integrate digital and social media  with traditional media.


# some fees may be applicable depending on the service